Make WIIFM A Crucial Element Of Your Sales Copy

Writing result-oriented and effective sales and business promotion copies is a trick.
Those who master it, laugh all the way to their banks even as their sales and brand value hit roof.
Why some writers are darn good at creating killer sales copies and know their customers & prospects inside out?
Why most marketers fail to grab people’s attention and multiply their sales instantly despite employing all the known tricks of the trade, such as free offers and discount coupons?
Well, because most talk about the so-called exciting features of their products, and highlight how their products or services are different and better.
Such an approach, of course, doesn’t much help, and majority of the prospects most often ignore the details and the products.
Why this happens time and again?
Why a product’s selling features don’t always inspire and lead to more sales?
Simple! These don’t have the important element–What’s In It For Me (WIIFM).
What’s WIIFM?
It’s gearing the sales dialog towards your prospects or buyers, instead of the services or products you could be providing.
Usually, most of us are more interested in our welfare and interests, and get hooked when there’s something for us.
We want to know WIIFM before we take a decision and make a purchase.
If we fail to find out WIIFM, we often lose interest as the sales pitch fails to move or inspire us, justifiably so.
So, answer the question WIIFM if you want to improve sales and profits.
Make WIIFM a critical element of your sales pitch and business promotion.
Now the question that crops up is: how to do that?
Well, study your target group! Figure-out what it wants and what interests it the most.
For example, if you are trying to promote–say, a fur cap amongst young office going males–do some research on these people, and figure-out their average age, height, size, color preferences, budget, etc.
If your target group has people between 25 and 45, who earn between 25 K and 60 K, offer good quality and decent color fur caps to them, priced between Rupees 100 and Rupees 300.
In your sales promotion copy, write how they will be able to protect the most critical part of their bodies from the biting winters, by just investing Rupees 100-300 in your exclusive caps.
Also, write they will look incredibly good as well in the new and decent color fur caps even while they can wear these without any hesitations even inside their offices.
When your prospects will figure-out what’s in store for them, and how will they gain from your quality products, by spending a little money, they will buy these in large numbers.
So, the next time you want to promote your services or products, make the WIIFM an essential element of your sales & business promotion copy.

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